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Care of Boulevard Trees

Q: First New Installations of Boulevard Trees
A: The Homeowners Association has received numerous inquiries as how and why of the planting of boulevard trees. The first new installation of tress planted along the boulevards in Hunters Crest has always, and will continue to be, the responsibility of the Developer Commerce Bank. Commerce Bank is aware of their responsibility to plant additional boulevard trees. If you feel your boulevard trees have been overlooked you may call the Developer. Brian Munderloh is the contact at the Commerce Bank, the telephone number is: (952) 841-9782.
The Homeowners Association does not have any governance over the first new installation of the boulevard trees.

You as a homeowner are responsible for the care and maintenance of your boulevard trees. Care includes mowing along the boulevards, fertilizing, watering and trimming. The only exception is boulevard trees along Hunters Trail, the association will cut, fertilize the grass and trim the boulevard portion. You as the homeowner are still responsible for watering and fertilizing the trees.

blvd-treesIf a boulevard tree dies after the initial 1 year period. Currently the Home Owners Association has decided that boulevard trees that die after the one year period are the responsibility of the association to both remove and replace to maintain the desired look that this development has had from its inception.

Q: I have a dead Boulevard tree, what should I do?
A: The first new installation Boulevard trees is the responsibility of the Developer Commerce Bank see above. If a boulevard tree dies dies during the first year the developer is responsible for replacing the tree. Currently the Home owners association has decided that boulevard trees that die after the one year period are the responsibility of the Homeowners Association to both remove and replace.

Q: I have a wooded back yard, can I cut down trees?
A: It depends. Does your property include an easement from the watershed? Are you near a pond or any water source? If so, you may not be allowed to cut them down, even if they're dead. Your best luck is to contact that watershed district if you are in this situation. If you are a builder, you should be fully aware of the agreement with the City. The City and the developer have agreed to a 2 to 1 replacement policy if a tree is cut down on said property. Once a C.O. is issued on the home, a home owner is not obligated to abide by said policy and can remove a tree if deemed necessary.

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