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Water Tower Information

Water Tower Update - Preliminary Schedule as of 7-15-19


  • As of the April 1, 2019 Minnetrista City Council meeting, the City Council has approved the signing of a purchase agreement for a two acre site at 9400 Highway 7 on the north side of 7 for the building of a water tower.
  • The city needs to complete a due diligence process such as soil testing and a Planning Commission review.
  • The city is planning on a closing in June 2019 if the due diligence process is positive and start construction later this year.


Minnetrista Governance Blog About Water Tower

At the March 19, 2018, City Council meeting, City Staff proposed to the Council to take a step back from our in-house search for a water tower site and reconnect with S.E.H. Engineering to discuss a more ‘engineering-based’ look at where to find a potential location for a water tower (and possibly a location that would be large enough for a future water treatment plant) in the southwest part of Minnetrista. This has since been approved and the city is proceeding.

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