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Q: Am I required to ask permission to make changes to the exterior of my home?
A: Under many circumstances the answer is yes. Please check the Architectural review requirements prior to starting to make exterior changes.

Q: My street light is out, what do I do?
A: The street lights in Hunters Crest are owned and maintained by Xcel Energy. To report an issue with a street light, complete the form by clicking here: REPORT MY STREET LIGHT(S) OUT

Q: Why did only some streets get new gravel?
A: Each year the City of Minnetrista budgets for certain streets to "seal-coat" the streets. Each year only certain streets are done. Generally speaking once roads have hit the 5 year mark they get seal coated. Eventually once all the streets are seal-coated they will be done all at once vs. being broken up in segments.

Q: Sump pump discharges
A: The City of Minnetrista requires that Sump pumps discharge into the homeowners lot not on sidewalks or into the street.

Q: Shoveling of Sidewalks after a snow storm
A: The City Of Minnetrista requires that all sidewalks be shoveled within 24 hours after a snow storm. The Homeowners Association takes care of the sidewalks along Hunters Trail. All other sidewalks are the responsibility of the individual homeowner. The city may after 24 hours clean the sidewalk for you and bill you for its work.

Q: Boulevard trees
You as a homeowner are responsible for the care and maintenance of your boulevard trees. Care includes mowing along the boulevards, fertilizing, watering and trimming. The only exception is boulevard trees along Hunters Trail, the association will cut, fertilize the grass and trim the boulevard portion. You as the homeowner are still responsible for watering and fertilizing the trees.


Q: I have a dead Boulevard tree, what should I do?
A: If a boulevard tree dies dies during the first year the developer is responsible for replacing the tree. Currently the Home owners association has decided that boulevard trees that die after the one year period are the responsibility of the Homeowners Association to both remove and replace.

Q: I have a wooded back yard, can I cut down trees?
A: It depends. Does your property include an easement from the watershed? Are you near a pond or any water source? If so, you may not be allowed to cut them down, even if they're dead. Your best luck is to contact that watershed district if you are in this situation. If you are a builder, you should be fully aware of the agreement with the City. The City and the developer have agreed to a 2 to 1 replacement policy if a tree is cut down on said property. Once a C.O. is issued on the home, a home owner is not obligated to abide by said policy and can remove a tree if deemed necessary.

Please see these documents for helpful information on care of trees:

General Care of Trees Hunter's Crest Tree Care Caring For Your Pet Tree

Q: Animals
A: Our Hunters Crest HOA property Manager has had several complaints in the about barking dogs. The Home Owners Association has no governance over complaints involving barking dogs. The City of Minnetrista handles infractions of this nature. The city ordinances require the affected homeowner or homeowners to call the police with a complaint for infractions of this nature. Click here for information on the City of Minnetrista Animal Regulations.

These FAQs are meant to provide general information and guidelines about the Hunters Crest community. The FAQs are not intended to provide legal advice. While the Hunters Crest Homeowners association strives to release information that is correct at the time of publication and update the information when the Association has determined the answer needs to be changed we may not have be able to make the correction or provided with the new information when you are reading the FAOs. Further research may be required by the home owner. Please call our Property Manager Ben Kieffer, at 612-888-4705 if you have any questions. Without your questions or concerns about our community, FAQs are not possible!
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